Special offer on Alex Gordon’s Charlie Brock Mysteries

Some perfect holiday reading, especially if you’re off to an island off the west coast of Scotland… Get the first two Charlie Brock books, Who Shot Wild Bill? and What Spooked Crazy Horse? by Alex Gordon for a special price of £15 the pair (plus postage). Click here for more details…

Launch party for In the Devil's Name

Launch party for In the Devil’s Name

We’d like to invite all our supporters to the launch of D. A. Watson’s superbly twisted tale, In the Devil’s Name. The story is set down the coast in a cave at Bennane Head (pictured below), but we’ve decided to celebrate in slightly cosier surroundings at Waxy O’Connors in Glasgow instead. Kick-off is arranged for 7.30 p.m., …

Now on Kindle: ‘In the Devil’s Name’ by D.A. Watson

Ahead of the launch, we’re delighted to announce that D.A. Watson’s terrifying Ringwood debut ‘In the Devil’s Name‘ is now available on Kindle. Here’s the official warning: Some of the locals in the small Scottish village of Ballantrae still tell tales about haunted Bennane Head, the cliffs just up the coast where mythical mass murderer …

In the Devil's Name by D.A. Watson

In the Devil’s Name by D.A. Watson

Available for pre-order now – the most terrifying book you’ll read this summer: ‘In the Devil’s Name‘ by D.A. Watson (‘the Christopher Brookmyre of horror’, as Louise Welsh calls him; ‘readers will be very, very afraid’).

‘Between Two Bridges’ now on Kindle

Brian McHugh’s thrilling new novel, launched a few days ago, is now available on Kindle. Like its predecessor, Between Two Bridges moves between two worlds. New York, 1933 Prohibition is coming to an end, but not everyone is celebrating. A few astute businessmen realise that by legally importing liquor before the Volstead Act is repealed, they …

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