Millennial Munros – A Postman’s Round by Charlie Campbell


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“The inspiring tale of a how a postman delivered all 284 Munros in 49 action-packed days.”

Millennial Munros is the inspirational story of an ordinary bloke doing an ordinary job, who did something extra-ordinary. With the help of his mum and some mates, he got motivated, got fit and completed an unprecedented endurance event, in breaking the world record for a continuous self-propelled round of all the Munros, Scotland’s 284 mountains over 3000 feet in height.

He averaged  nearly six Munros every day, and cycled or swam between them. Anyone who has done just  one Munro in a day will know how big a deal this was.  Charlie’s entertaining account of his adventures comes complete with maps, routes and other details to help inspire others to tackle these mountains, but perhaps in a more relaxed manner!


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Title: Millennial Munros – A Postman’s Round
Author: Charlie Campbell
ISBN: 978-1-901514-33-9
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99

Scottish Football: Fact, Fiction and Faction (a Ringwood football evening)

Scottish Football: Fact, Fiction and Faction (a Ringwood football evening)

We are excited to announce Ringwood’s next event for 2016. Scottish Football: Fact, Fiction and Faction will be an enjoyable evening of rational discussion and friendly argument, where we’ll sink our collective teeth into all aspects of Scottish football, and its complex relationship with Scottish culture and society. Initial short talks by three Ringwood authors (Alex Gordon, …

Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu by Alex Gordon

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Alex Gordon, after almost half-a-century in the Scottish newspaper industry as a Sports Sub-Editor and Editor, spills the beans in a frank and candid manner. Much is revealed within the pages of this book that was previously kept out of the public domain. And you’ll see why!

Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu is a rollicking, often hilarious, trip through the crazy world of Scottish newspapers. It’s a journey that takes the reader behind the headlines of the biggest, most sensational stories of our national press. It also introduces the fascinating if madcap characters whose job was to bring you your daily news. Prepare to be bewildered by their antics as they chase front and back page exclusives. You’ll be amazed and amused by the tales that did NOT make it into print. Until now, as Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu brings many sensational stories into print for the first time!

Other stories here throw an entirely new light on what actually happened around many of Scotland’s most famous sports stars; stories that will cause quite a few reputations to be reassessed.

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Title: Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu
Author: Alex Gordon
ISBN: 978-1-901514-28-5
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99

Ronnie (A Dog Owner’s Guide to Fulfilment) by Susan Campbell

Ronnie front cover A5__lores

When Susan and Colin Campbell settled down to married life without children, they instinctively felt it was the right time for them to adopt a dog.

Ronnie, a big-hearted lurcher-cross, bounced into their lives and transformed them in unimagined ways; healing past wounds, introducing them to new friends, and pointing them in the direction of life changing opportunities.

This book is the candid, funny and moving story of how one stress busting, four-legged intervention, with a VERY waggy tail, changed everything.

‘Ronnie’ tells the heart-warming story about how a dog, the power of positive thought and perseverance can completely change your life for the better.  Ronnie, a rescue dog from the Dogs Trust, changes the life of husband and wife Susan and Colin Campbell for ever. Showing that a dog is never simply a pet, Ronnie not only becomes part of the family, he shapes the careers, and future, of Susan and Colin and shows us that even the most daft of dogs have the power to make the most difficult times in life easier to bear.

Susan, a full-time Life Coach, demonstrates in this engaging book how the interconnection between her professional skills and knowledge, and the lessons being learned from caring for Ronnie, combine to produce lessons of wide relevance. Emotional, uplifting and enlightening, ‘Ronnie’ captures the special place that animals have in our lives and shows that it is never too late to change your life for the better.

In the words of one prepublication review

“A joyous must-read for all dog lovers; a moving and inspiring lesson for all those seeking the motivation to change or improve their life.”

Or in the words of Phil Cunningham “If only the whole world had  a Ronnie”

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Title: Ronnie (A Dog Owner’s Guide to Fulfilment)
Author: Susan Campbell
ISBN: 978-1-901514-29-2
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99

Memoirs of a Feminist Mother, by Carol Fox

memoirs of a feminist mother.indd
Carol Fox is a lawyer, best known in Scotland for successfully fighting mass equal pay cases for low paid women and for playing an active part in the Referendum Campaign.
As a committed feminist, Carol Fox has achieved success for very many women, but her greatest battle was very personal. Following serious fertility problems, Carol made the positive decision to become a single parent by choice, to have a child while she still could. Refused access to fertility treatment in Scotland she had no choice but to move to London.

Through sheer determination and tenacity, Carol obtained treatment in England in the early 1990s and her daughter was born in 1992, following extensive fertility treatment and battles against judgemental attitudes which appear almost vindictive to us 25 years later. Her story has attracted media coverage, sparking debates on motherhood and the right to be a single parent in the UK.

This book is written as a memoir addressed to her only daughter, now nearly 23. The story will be of interest to a wider audience of women, young and old, mothers and non-mothers, as the chapters record the changing social attitudes towards single parents during the past 25 years.

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Title: Memoirs of a Feminist Mother
Author: Carol Fox
ISBN: 978-1-901514-13-1
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99

A Guide to the Geology of Islay, by David Webster

cover 2 smallThis guide describes 12 varied excursions on Islay that tell the fascinating story of Islay’s geological past from 2 billion-year old gneiss to the Ice Age.

The geology of each walk is described at an introductory level with maps and photographs and the book also contains an introduction to geology section.

For those with some geological background there is a section describing Islay’s geological framework in more detail with some key references for further reading.

The walks range from leisurely rambles to more demanding longer excursions – most of which are readily adaptable with shorter easier options.

About the Authors

Dr Roger Anderton has worked extensively on the sedimentology and tectonics of the Dalradian following his Ph.D. on the Dalradian of Islay, Jura and mid-Argyll. He now lives near Lochgilphead following a career at the British Geological Survey, Strathclyde University and in the oil industry.

Dr Alasdair Skelton did his Ph.D. on the metamorphism of the Dalradian basaltic sills and has continued his studies on fluid flow in Islay and Argyll whilst pursuing an academic and teaching career at the University of Stockholm.

David Webster graduated with a geology degree and worked in the oil industry and then in local government in Scotland before retiring and building a house on Islay

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Title: A Guide to the Geology of Islay
Author: David Webster
ISBN: 978-1-901514-16-2
Format: Paperback
Price: £14.99

Celtic Submari, by Sandy Jamieson

Celtic Submari Front Cover

“Celtic Submari” will appeal to all those interested in the power of goodness, decency, integrity and friendship to make a positive difference in a complex world through football.

Rivals for 90 minutes, Friends for Always

The book explains how an invasion of Vila-real by 10,000 Celtic supporters in 2004 created a set of circumstances that has led to a lasting friendship between supporters of Villarreal and Celtic. This friendship is unique in world football and offers the wider football world a model of camaraderie and togetherness that shows how football can be a force for good.

Celtic supporters everywhere can take pride in the story of how their example of camaraderie and good behaviour in 2004 inspired the formation of the Villarreal Celtic Submari.
The Submari has proved to be an extraordinary example of the way in which decent people can help others through football and friendship.

The remarkable friendship between Celtic Supporters and Villarreal supporters has continued to grow, and inspire, many years on.

Lessons for Scotland

Celtic Submari also explores why the subsequent visit of Glasgow Rangers to Villarreal did not result in a similar outburst of mutual friendship but saw instead Rangers fined for the poor behaviour of some of their supporters.

This book investigates the cultural differences between Celtic and Rangers supporters which explain their different behaviours abroad.

It offers an enhanced understanding of some of the elements of the sectarian sourness that so scars Scottish football. It puts forward radical solutions drawing on the Villarreal Submari model.

It shows why both Celtic and Rangers supporters need to learn from the model practiced by the Villarreal Submari if Scottish football is to eradicate its sectarian sickness.

Title: Celtic Submari
ISBN: 978-1-901514-03-2
Format: Paperback
Price: £6.99 (of which £2 will go to the Celtic Submari Charity Fund)

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