In the Devil’s Name by Dave Watson


Some of the locals in the small Scottish village of Ballantrae still tell tales about haunted Bennane Head, the cliffs just up the coast where mythical mass murderer and cannibal Sawney Beane is said to have dwelt with his inbred family during the seventeenth century. Never walk past there at night, they say, or heaven help you. Just a ghost story to give the tourists a thrill.

Phil, Griff, Sam and Cairnsey are local boys who enjoy a smoke, a beer and the occasional tab of mind bending acid, and celebrating the end of high school with some trips and a night’s camping at Bennane Head sounds like a high old time. But when their drug fuelled revelry  descends into a nightmarish fight for their sanity and survival, those who make it through the night will know that know that true evil never forgets unpaid debts.

‘The Christopher Brookmyre of horror. Readers will be very, very afraid’ – Louise Welsh, author of The Cutting Room


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Title: In the Devil’s Name
Author: Dave Watson
ISBN: 9871901514377
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99
Publication: August 2016

The Volunteer by Charles Sharkey





The Volunteer is a powerful and thought-provoking examination of the Troubles that plagued Northern Ireland for almost three decades. It follows the struggles of two Belfast families from opposite sides of the sectarian divide. This revealing novel will lead the reader to a greater understanding of the events that led from the Civil Rights marches in the late Sixties, through the years of unbridled violence that followed, until the Good Friday Agreement of the late Nineties.


Born in the same hospital, within hours of each other, Danny Duffy and William Morrison would never meet again, but their lives, and the lives of their families, would be tragically intertwined by politics, secrets and blood.


While William Morrison shuns the violence that engulfs West Belfast, Danny Duffy finds himself standing in front of a panel of IRA men, ready to take up arms as a Volunteer; but what is he fighting for and how far is he willing to go?



In the words of one pre-publication review


“Reading The Volunteer has deepened and enriched my whole perspective on this crucial period in recent Irish and British history known as The Troubles. Its cast of memorable characters and the varied fates that befall them through the many pages of this enthralling book will linger long in the mind, as will its revelations about the human realities behind the historic events so dramatically covered. This is a book to be cherished, and one to recommend enthusiastically to anyone with an interest in recent social and political history.”


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Title: The Volunteer
Author: Charles P Sharkey
ISBN: 9781901514360
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99
Publication date: 1st December 2016

What Spooked Crazy Horse? by Alex Gordon

What Spooked Crazy Horse?Derek ‘Crazy Horse’ Laird is hot property: one of the highest-paid footballers on the planet, with a right foot coveted by Europe’s greatest clubs and what the pundits call ‘a good head on his shoulders’. So everyone is flummoxed when Crazy Horse skips training, flees his adoptive country and heads back to his homeland, incognito.

Caught up in the tale is debonair sports-journalist turned-detective Charlie Brock (hero of Who Shot Wild Bill?). Before long, and unawares, both men are ensconced among the boozy, windswept eccentrics who inhabit the Isle of Cumbrae. It is late November, the Firth of Clyde is growing peevish and a small army of international police and ill-intentioned hacks are about to descend on the island, scenting a scandal.
The locals, however, remain oblivious. All Wee Effie, Vodka Joe and Dr Hickory Dock have on their minds is sex, booze and ferry tolls. A hilarious,
affectionate and rollicking mystery about two worlds colliding. What Spooked Crazy Horse? is the eagerly awaited sequel to Who Shot Wild Bill?.

‘Cowboys, a killing and a Country & Western Festival all add up to a rumbustious debut novel from Alex Gordon’

Daily Record

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Title: What Spooked Crazy Horse?
Author: Alex Gordon
ISBN: 978-1-901514-34-6
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99
Publication: July 2016

About the author: 

Alex Gordon spent over 40 years at the forefront of Scottish football reporting, including as Chief Sports Sub-Editor of the Daily Record and Sports Editor of the Sunday Mail. In 2015 Ringwood published his book Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu, ‘a rollicking, often hilarious, always entertaining’ look behind the headlines of the Scottish press. As well as Jinx, Alex has written 11 other books on Scottish football, including biographies of Denis Law, Chic Charnley and Yogi Hughes. His novel Who Shot Wild Bill? was published by Ringwood in 2016.

Between Two Bridges by Brian McHugh

coverWe are delighted to announce the publication this summer of Brian McHugh’s second novel, Between Two Bridges. This is a sequel to Torn Edges, published by Ringwood in 2012. Like its predecessor, Between Two Bridges moves between two worlds.

New York, 1933

Prohibition is coming to an end, but not everyone is celebrating. A few astute businessmen realise that by legally importing liquor before the Volstead Act is repealed, they can net themselves a small fortune. Charlie McKenna, an Irishman who spent time in Glasgow during the Great War, is sent to complete the deal with Denholm Distillers in their St Enoch Square office.

Glasgow, Present Day

Still reeling from the murder of their friend, three old friends are once again knocked off-course by the resurfacing of a battered diary. It soon leads them back into their investigation of Julie’s grandfather, Charlie McKenna. More troubling tales of war, gold and gangsters soon begin to surface.

Between Two Bridges is a fast-paced adventure with a well-researched historical setting.

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Title: Between Two Bridges
Author: Brian McHugh
ISBN: 978-1-901514-35-3
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99
Publication: June 2016

About the author: 

Brian McHugh is a Glasgow based author. As well as Torn Edges (published by Ringwood), Brian has written several  short stories and articles for The Guardian and Private Eye. Among several short films Brian has produced, his story of the Gorbals and Buddy Holly was first broadcast by the BBC in 2010.

Who Shot Wild Bill? by Alex Gordon

9781901514315One Country & Western festival. One dead body. Twelve thousand suspects!

The Millport Country & Western Festival is in full swing, with 12,000 would-be Wild West heroes dressed up as cowboys and Indians, complete with toy guns, headdresses, mock bar fights and gun slinging. Millport is starting to feel more like Tombstone, Arizona. But there has never been a murder on the island. Until now.

A festival visitor, calling himself Wild Bill Hickok, has been found shot dead. Thousands of toy guns, but one of them must be real. Reporter Charlie Brock, on the island on holiday, is roped into solving this Millport murder mystery. With snappy dialogue and eccentric characters, Who Shot Wild Bill? is a quirky crime mystery and a homage to Millport.

“Cowboys, a killing and a Country & Western Festival all add up to a rumbustious debut novel from Alex Gordon.” — Daily Record

Alex Gordon is the author of Jinx Dogs Burns Now Flu and What Spooked Crazy Horse, both published by Ringwood. He is also the author of several sports books. Alex is a regular visitor to Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae, where he has a home. This is his first novel.

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Title: Who Shot Wild Bill?
Author: Alex Gordon
ISBN: 978-1- 901514-31- 5
Format: Paperback
Price: £7.99

Scottish Football: Fact, Fiction and Faction (a Ringwood football evening)

Scottish Football: Fact, Fiction and Faction (a Ringwood football evening)

We are excited to announce Ringwood’s next event for 2016. Scottish Football: Fact, Fiction and Faction will be an enjoyable evening of rational discussion and friendly argument, where we’ll sink our collective teeth into all aspects of Scottish football, and its complex relationship with Scottish culture and society. Initial short talks by three Ringwood authors (Alex Gordon, …

A Man’s Game by Alan Ness

9781901514278On a Saturday afternoon in central Scotland, both Davie Thomson and Stuart Robertson have scored goals for their respective football clubs: Cowden United FC and Glasgow Athletic. Once team-mates in the Athletic title-winning side of 2001, their subsequent fortunes could not have been more different. Whilst Robertson had gone from strength to strength, winning titles and the love of the Scottish public, Thomson had slipped out of the team and down the leagues with alcohol and a weight problem contributing to his fall.

Whilst scanning the results, James Donnelly, reporter for the Daily Standard, connected the two and remembered the tragic events which would forever link them and their team-mates from that ill-fated side. Setting out to write an article on the murder of a man, Donnelly finds himself uncovering the story of the mistreatment of a woman.

A Man’s Game is a contemporary crime novel which brilliantly explores issues of violence,  addiction, and misogyny, both in “the beautiful game”  and in wider Scottish society.

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Title: A Man’s Game
Author: Alan Ness
ISBN: 978-1-901514-27-8
Format: Paperback
Price: £9.99

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